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The story behind City Wreckers Melbourne

Years ago, we faced a crucial challenge when we wanted to buy an auto part for our SUV. With a tight budget, wherever we went, the price for the part was sky-high. It took us some time to find the exact part at a cheaper rate. It was then we decided that we would open a business that will ease out all the challenges a person will face in relation to buying the perfect car part at a reasonable price.

We started out as a small company, and years later, with ample experience and a super-efficient team of wreckers, we are one of the car wrecker leaders in Melbourne. We also buy unwanted, old, used, damaged, wrecked or any other conditioned cars from you and pay the highest payment up to $9,999 in cash.

Our Mission

We set forward with one mission in mind: to be the leader in car wrecking nationwide.

Trust & Reliability are factors that built our company

Over the years, we have successfully built our reputation as the most trusted and reliable car wreckers in melbourne. You can trust us when we say we sell the best-used auto parts because we specifically separate the best parts from an inoperable car before we wreck and recycle it. Other parts which require massive fixing are wrecked or recycled and used for better purposes.

We are reliable when it comes to our words. We do what we say. We will provide you with a hassle-free, honest service that will see you get rid of your car for free and instead, get top dollars for your unwanted car.

Our Services

City Wreckers’ main service is wrecking cars of all kinds and conditions. We also provide the following services:

  • We provide Cash for Car offer up to $9,999 for your sedan, Ute, SUV, van, bus, truck, jeep, etc.
  • You can now get rid of your inoperable car using our Free Car Removal service.

Helping the Environment stay Green

At City Wreckers, we aim our best to keep the environment green through our eco-friendly wrecking and recycling. This is why we don’t prefer you to dispose of your unwanted or damaged car at any landfill. Once you dispose of it there, the car will rot & rust, and expose toxins in the environment. But with us, the process is simple. We will safely get rid of all the hazardous and inflammable fluids and parts from your car first, then take away the best-working conditioned parts before we wreck your car. The parts that can’t be wrecked are then recycled into a better product.

We are located in Melbourne

City Wreckers service Melbourne-wide. Our location is conveniently placed so that you can reach us out easily. If you are unable to do so we do offer various delivery & freight options for your convenience. Kindly contact our representatives on (03) 9315 4000.for more information.